About Us

Youngblood Company Inc. is a second generation managed plumbing and mechanical contractor. The company was founded by Franklin Youngblood in 1959. Franklin created the initial base of talented and professional tradesmen who helped form the early success of the company. During the 1970's and 1980's, the company grew from a local contractor to one of the largest contractors in Southern New England in the plumbing and mechanical piping field.

In 1992 the control of the business was passed to David Youngblood, the current president. The period after 1992 was one of significant growth for the company. During this period the company expanded into larger multimillion dollar projects with great success. This growth led to deeper market penetration in and outside of New England. This growth has been achieved by keeping the same top quality and workmanship that has made Youngblood Company Inc. a leader in the plumbing and mechanical field. This had led to our customers' satisfaction and our current and future success.